John Killion


Mr. Killion will present “How to Audit: D15.1 Welding Program.” The objective will be to identify and understand the elements and activities involved in a focused audit of welding processes. Topics will include:
• Documentation:
o Welding Procedure Qualification
o Welding Procedure Specification
o Welder Performance Certification
• Shop Floor Observations:
o Welder Compliance
o Welding Equipment
o Electrode Storage/Control
o PWHT equipment
o Non-Destructive Examination (NDE)
o Shop Floor Safety


About John Killion 

M.B.A. Purdue University Calumet (2008)
(Marketing, Economics, Human Resources, Operations Management, Communications, Quantitive Methods, Business Law)

B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology Purdue University Calumet (2005)
(C++, PLC, Digital/Analog Circuits, Computer Networking, Communications)

Motoman, Fanuc, IGM, Panasonic, and Cloos robot programming

Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) (AWS)
Certified Welding Educator (CWE) (AWS)
Magnetic Particle Inspection Level II
P.T. Level II
U.T. Level I
Certified in computer networks through Purdue University Calumet

Currently Manager of Welding Processes for Union Tank Car

5 years, Supervisor of the Weld Engineering department at Caterpillar (Hydraulics and Hydraulic Systems)

3 Years as Manager/Welding Engineer for Union Tank Car Co. in East Chicago Indiana.

3 years welding supervisor

15 years welder (SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GMAW-P, SAW, Robotics)

Experienced in quality control and lean manufacturing methods such as 6-Sigma (Green Belt, DMAIC), APQP, CPS, and Total Quality Management
Strong Math Skills
Ten years of Robotic welding (Fanuc, Motoman, Cloos, IGM, Panasonic) programming
12 years of experience in Supervision
12 years of experience in Management/Quality/Engineering
25 years of experience in industrial manufacturing and welding
Strong communications background with 15 years of experience in public speaking/public radio
Courses taken in Situational Leadership, Performance Management,Management Ethics,dealing with difficult people and diversity
International travel (Europe, China, Mexico, Canada) to support operations at other facilities
20 years experience in teaching/training
Awards for exemplary performance