Ron Hynes


Mr. Hynes will discuss how continuous improvement in technology and procedures will enable railroads to provide their customers with more dependable, efficient, and timely transportation service.

About Ron Hynes

Ron Hynes began his railroad career on the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie at 18 and was a locomotive engineer by age 25. After being furloughed in 1982, Ron went into the short line business and partnered with others to form several railroads that eventually formed the Ohio Central System. Ron left the Ohio Central to return to main line railroading with Conrail, then was offered the rare opportunity to be one of the 21 managers to put together the Wheeling & Lake Erie, a large regional railroad, in 1990 and provided leadership in the Operating Department, finally becoming of Superintendent of Safety, Rules, and Training. Ron joined the NTSB as investigator in Charge in 1998, and was Chief of Railroad Accident Investigations from 2003 to 2005, before going to the Department of Transportation. Ron became as staff director for the FRA’s Office of Policy, and led the development of the National Rail Plan and the Rail Fuel Efficiency Study. Ron became a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and served as the Director of Technical Oversight from 2010 to 2016, a time that also included his position as SES to provide leadership to the Office of Policy. After a stint with the ASLRRA to start up the new Short line Safety Institute, Ron joined the AAR in May of 2017 as AVP of Technical Services. Ron has a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering Technology from Youngstown State, and a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from The National Defense University.