Statement of Antitrust Compliance

MARTS is serious about discouraging non-competitive behavior of any sort. Prior to each day of presentations, the following statement is read to all speakers and attendees.

During MARTS meetings there shall be no discussion or agreements, explicit or implicit, on any matter where your company may be in competition, or may potentially compete, with others. Specifically, there should be no discussion of any aspect of your company’s (or any company’s) rates and prices—including, but not limited to, surcharges, discounts, rebates and credit terms—and any other commercial arrangements with, or markets for, customers, suppliers or other vendors, business strategies, or industry capacity or the type or level of service your company provides, whether current or planned for the future; nor should there be any discussion about how individual companies intend to respond commercially to potential market/economic scenarios or government action; nor should there be any discussion about whether or not to use, or disparaging remarks made about, any specific vendors, suppliers or services.
If, during the course of this meeting, you believe that the discussion may be straying into impermissible subject areas, discussion of the questioned subject matter should then be tabled until counsel has been consulted.